President Reagan's tax program has not worked.

I won't stand for it.

Do you think you could talk to Helge about that?

Thank George for me.


She thinks it is true that skipping breakfast is bad. I don't think so.

The sat down behind his desk.

What's your favorite city?

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Adil is very good at studying, but when it comes to athletics, he's a bit lousy.

There are no benefits from praising a spoiled child. They should undergo a strict education.

New York bristles with towering buildings.


He is strong as a horse.

I'm pretty sure Louis's competent.

We'll talk to him.

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Jiro could not act otherwise.

Ron and Lila sat next to each other on the train.

What's in the envelope?

I'm tired of her complaints.

In the company of good friends, the time flew by.

I will not see him any more.

Kitty's parents are divorced.


You're smaller than him.

Wolf put his things in his briefcase.

She lay awake for a long time, thinking of her future.

You don't have to sound like a native speaker in order to communicate.

Now that you have come of age, you should be responsible for what you do.


Oh my God, I can't believe this.

I tried hard to make them stay home, but they refused to listen to me.

That's a fair question.

How old is your sister?

Relationships built on money will end when the money runs out.


Rain does not fall from the ground.

In a cardboard box she has fruit, raisins, nuts, oats, kefir and canned fish of sardines, tuna and mackerel.

What conclusions can we draw?


There's time.


He's working in the car.

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I've got a family.

In Japan, we drive on the left side of the road.

I guess my job is pretty undramatic.

It can be confusing at first.

When are you going to approach him about your pay rise?


Why don't you want me to know?

I believe you have appendicitis.

There's no music without rhythm.

It is interesting how he learned Japanese cooking.

Ironically, that old grammar rule that says "never end a sentence with a preposition" does just that!


I'll explain to you how to use it when I come back.

Learn a trade.

I never for a moment imagined we wouldn't get home before the storm hit.

You must come and have a chat with us.

Scratch a Russian and find a Tartar.


I was alone.

Floria is your superior.

You two seem to hate each other.

Everybody praised her to the skies.

I don't understand why you're leaving.

I don't give a fig about my CV.

Eating fish is good for your health.


Sunil speaks French well, though not perfectly.

We've got several more of the same kind of articles.

He made his timely escape from the stock market crash.


He is seriously ill and unlikely to recover.

I generally agree with her.

My younger sister plays piano every day.

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Rahul wouldn't let Matthew kiss her.


The Polish language is interesting.


Triantaphyllos and Dawn didn't like each other at first. However, they eventually became good friends.

I bought a guidebook for the museums of Florence.

Kaj searched the kitchen drawers.

Claire wanted to know where Wes worked.

He visits us now and then.

Bring backup.

I always stay at home on Sundays.

Nathan was interested in what Dan might have to say.

Fresh food is wonderful.


If you keep trying, you will make progress.

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Andy and Ethan have been happily married for thirteen years.


Without hearth or home.

I only saw the apple.

Tomorrow we will talk about cars.

So I'll get you something to eat.

She came in quietly so she wouldn't wake up the baby.

Roderick finally admitted he needed help and checked himself into detox.

I knew that he was an artist, but I didn't know that he was good.

I want to try some different ideas.

Don't desert me here in the desert!

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I'm not certain we can get tickets tonight.


You can just call me Taro.

I studied French in school, but I'm not very good at it.

Stand up straight.


Hubert is a salesman, too.


You're so smart.

He will never make this.

Is it a bad idea to eat cockroaches?

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Maarten was unwilling to go by himself.

That sort of thing can happen when you're in a hurry.

I'm just pulling your leg.

What will you tell Wendy?

Louie said he'd find her.

Does that product still exist?

We have two cats; one is white, and the other is black.

My family needs me and I need my family.

It's a little dated.


Much of the modern resistance to chastity comes from men's belief that they "own" their bodies.

The snake is wriggling.

I used to play tennis in high school.


My eyes are tired.

Having scattered the enemy before me and triumphantly returned, this is how they would herald me.

You can't leave here.

Jock can't really see anything from where he is.

I'd like a room facing the garden.

I wanted to add Saify as a friend on Facebook.

He has no equal in the field of electronics.

Edmund is a much better swimmer than I am.

Crutches are pretty tricky ... "Excuse me, stretcher coming through!"

It's obvious that he's in love with her.

I'll come if necessary.

Tal had a clear conscience.

It's not that at all.

It's really neat.

I'd like you to see my collection of stamps.

Living with her isn't easy.

I spent an idle week there.

I'm sick of your crossword puzzles.

I need this money.


We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.

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I didn't want his help, but I had to accept it.

It's too dark to play baseball now.

Matthias drank too much at the party last night.

He is the man who I believe can help you.

Rajeev caught the ball.

The detective surprised the truth from the waitress.

Leonard and I used to go to a lot of concerts.

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The L.A. Lakers have got the game in the bag.


He has a cat.

Arms export was prohibited.

The coach had a one-on-one discussion with each player to evaluate his performance on the field.

I don't think you would do that.

They cut out a path through thick jungle.

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It's very important to me.

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It's only a sin if you get caught.

The bush is burning.

It's too close to home.


It is said that his father is in hospital now.

He is good-looking and smart.

What will become of Japan?


Are there enough chairs?

Ning looked through the peephole.

He keeps a toyshop in a small way.


Emil was surprised when he saw Anna in Boston.

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All the apples are gone.

The nurses look after the patient day and night.

Our decision to go to Portugal was quite arbitrary.

Every man has his weak points.

Playing basketball doesn't make you grow taller.

I have a favour to ask.

I remember singing that song long ago.

We're trying to think positive.

The sheep eat grass.


She has 3,500 books in her library and many of them are first editions.

This was in Becky's locker.

Representative democracy is one form of government.