Would you ever go out with a guy who couldn't sing?

Norm and Leung crashed John's party.

Sedovic looks perplexed.

Can you walk?

They hate getting up early in the morning.

Rhonda said he's doing just fine.

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They tried to walk past Mott.

He is far taller than his father is.

Damn, where's her daily dose of insulin?

It's rather ironic.

That's a funny one.

The well is built of stone.

First, please take about 3 minutes to introduce yourself.


Sjouke writes to me once a week.

Here, let me do that for you.

Undaunted, he refused to give up.

Not only does Triton orbit Neptune in a direction opposite the other moons, but it is made of rock and ice. This is very different from Neptune's other moons.

Can I touch your breasts?

My parents also have a farm.

We went up and down in the elevator.


I like to do my homework.

Our office is very comfortable with air conditioning.

He wasn't perhaps playing a practical joke on us.

Can you describe what that experience was like for you?

Bill was in his bedroom.

I didn't quite catch that.

Elwood slept without a pillow.

The crane can lift twenty tons of concrete.

Don't you miss her?

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Dan paid off his gambling debts.

I watched the baseball game last night.

I took your advice.


Modern Hebrew is unique in the degree to which it serves native speakers of different languages.


In addition to taking the regular tests, we have to hand in a long essay.

I'll serve you a cup of nice and hot coffee.

I have nothing to add on my part.


Michel drives faster than Fred.

I don't think we're losing.

The good old days are gone never to return.

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It always leads me here.


And honour the face of the old man.


He didn't mean to hit me.

It's a very sad story.

I need to ask my mom if it's okay first.


That makes a good deal of sense.

They rarely ever wake up this early.

I grieve with you.

They aren't such a bad lot.

Don't ever leave me again.


If I had taken the key, I wouldn't be standing behind the door.

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Humans are the only animals that laugh.

How did you come to know one another?

The snow-flakes became larger and larger, till they appeared like great white chickens.


I was worried that I was going to be late when I missed my train, but I managed to get there just in time!

I eagerly await your decision.

Money's tight for me this month.

You'll get plenty of chances to meet girls when you go to college.

I forgot where the car was.

The theory of relativity originated with Einstein.

He has a good reading knowledge of French.


I had not expected Deb to swim.

I'll keep you company.

Matti and Leora hit it off from the beginning.

We're still discussing it.

She knows the way.

You shouldn't smoke.

The scenery at this mountain is very beautiful.

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I just asked myself that same question.

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How long has that been happening?

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

I suppose I'm going to find out.


I can see everyone.

Whose ring is that?

Don't go there alone.

Some of them couldn't handle the pressure.

Steven's a real night owl, and often does his best writing after midnight.

After they argued, they didn't speak to each other for a week.

Prakash would rather stay.

Terrence wasn't complaining.

This is your community.

Shane doesn't hate Kriton.

I finished writing the syllabus last week.

She married a musician.

Let's just let sleeping dogs lie.

It has a hole in it.

You can't control me, Sergio.

I'm contemplating doing that.

You look awful.

Eduardo and Stacey are still watching TV.

I am very tired from teaching.

I can't wait to leave.

We will reach Tokyo before dark.

Christina took off her sweater and tied it around her waist.

Don't you think it's risky?

He has worked in Hanoi before.

That's not my real name.

He is quick at learning a foreign language.

Here's my driver's license.


I can kill you.

You're the worst student in this class.

Germany and Japan were defeated.


She should thank me.

The ship sailed down the channel.

The Arctic is the area round the North Pole.


Tomorrow is her day off.


She loves him devotedly.

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I felt like going out, but I had no money at all.

Shean's prints were on the gun.

What would you do if Kathleen ever learned the truth?

I'm worried about her, too.

Perhaps you would like to go first.


Our school accepted three Americans as exchange students.

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Excuse me, this is my seat.


My mother brought him to my room.

Daren told Trevor to take the afternoon off.

She is a community activist.

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He is not the sort of person who likes to listen to jazz.


I'm not a child anymore.


He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.

Mara and Angela wanted their children to live the American dream.

He broke with his partners.

We have work to do, but if you need a day to recover from jet lag, we can start tomorrow.

Linley seems to always be running into people he knows.

I will be back in another two weeks.

You'll find something.

There's no perfect system.

She generally helped him with his homework.

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You should've seen that one coming.

Alastair easily learned the basic rules of the game.

I'm your roommate Paul.

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The heaventree of stars hung with humid nightblue fruit.

People are good.

I have plans Saturday night.


Sorrel was afraid that someone would find out about his past.


That's only happened once before.


She did as she was told.

Sri knows nothing about this matter.

Want one?

I'm flying to Germany.

She is living in some village in India.

I don't think anyone thinks you're crazy.

Maybe I just need some sleep.

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Translating this material calls for a lot of patience.

Fay hates to lose.

Pandora didn't give up.

Beauty is altogether in the eye of the beholder.

Mehrdad has been traveling alone.


About how much will it cost?

I got a long letter from my folks.

I love reading the messages hidden inside fortune cookies.


I met him yesterday for the first time.

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It is at best a second-rate hotel.

You've lost some weight, haven't you? Are you eating properly?

Andre isn't quite finished yet.

Wouldn't it be fun to visit Boston together?

The police have surrounded the building.

She doesn't want to wait for you.

The temperature is lower than usual.

Kamiya said he couldn't do that.

We're quite fond of him.

If you want to unscrew these screws, you should use a screwdriver.

He works all night and he sleeps all day.