Normally you'd call 250 yards a great distance for an amateur.

I'd like a little bit of help.

Promises don't fill up your stomach.

I'm Irish but I don't speak Irish.

It's my decision.

I'd rather have a piece of cake.

It might rain. We'd better take an umbrella.

The law should be clear.

A hole in one is moving on the whole.

I bet Hamilton knows where Cliff is.

Triantaphyllos passed away three years ago.

You're contradicting yourselves.

I suggested to Norm that we should leave early.

We'll never know the truth.

Tony hated his parents.

How to deal with environmental pollution is a serious matter.

Is that all clear?

The average nurse is entitled to three weeks' holiday a year.

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Lea didn't have any brothers or sisters.

He said 'Goodbye everyone' and stood up.

Did he get a receipt?

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Maybe we can work it out.

It's not like Emily to be so late.

I didn't need his help.

I think that's up to Polly, isn't it?

Karen wouldn't leave without telling us.


I needed to know why.

I have cut my finger.

Don't you regret what happened last night?

I thought I'd surprise him.

Tango lived with a small boy in a small village.

I'm tired of keeping secrets.

Can I be of any assistance to you?

Donna left the front door open.

It wouldn't take me so much time to do that.


He buys and sells leather goods.

The storm will damage the crops.

Wait, did you say girl or guy?

Lucy made her parents happy.

She signed up for a Spanish course.

You even said that yourself.

He asked for a drink of water.

He is well acquainted with the history of England.

Atoms are composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

The date of the party is still up in the air.

Locks are being searched for, possibly for gates.

I know it's coming.

The old man saw my notebook and smiled at me.

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No sooner had I opened the box than a frog jumped out.


If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?

The people's hardships are our hardships.

Let's meet Martha.

I can't call him.

I was sitting in a chair in the patent office at Bern when all of sudden a thought occurred to me: If a person falls freely he will not feel his own weight. I was startled. This simple thought made a deep impression on me. It impelled me toward a theory of gravitation.

He decided to abandon law for art.

I know what you want.


Minors aren't allowed to enter.

The computer stopped working after an automatic system update.

I can't get her to help me.

If the ceiling fell, he would be crushed.

What does that tell us?


Hey, wait a minute.

She coaxed him out of his dark mood.

If you have something you want to say, hurry up and say it!

Were it not for the fact that he is a billionaire, she would never marry him.

I've never had such a large sum of money.

I wonder why the names Jeffie and Max are often used in sentences that are in the Tatoeba Corpus.

Everyone loves their father.

This is silly.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

It's not Monday.

Dion told Joanne that he thought she shouldn't go there by herself.

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Love doesn't exist.


Everything that was asked for has now been sent.


Love me tomorrow!

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When the hour for departure drew near the old mother went to her bedroom, and taking a small knife she cut her fingers till they bled; then she held a white rag under them, and letting three drops of blood fall into it, she gave it to her daughter, and said: "Dear child, take great care of this rag: it may be of use to you on the journey."

Life is not all beer and skittles.

He fell asleep while reading a book.

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A more robust approach is certainly possible.


They split up.

By and large his experiment was successful despite his lack of money.

This is going to be fine.

I'd like a hot tea with honey.

I'll be careful with the kids.

Don't be so picky.

We need you to baby-sit.

That didn't hurt.

Brenda still isn't totally convinced.

There was nothing but forest as far as the eye could see.

See you on the train.


We're going to play basketball.

His behavior was appropriate to the occasion.

If you bake it for more than what's asked, it will be a disaster!


Hotta doesn't think there is any need for Geoff to attend the meeting.

Now it's your choice.

The last witness sealed the prisoner's fate.

The restaurant stands at the junction of two superhighways.

When the ship arrives in port it makes the people unsettled.

Cris is a parasailing instructor.

Maybe you shouldn't tempt fate.

After their parents died, their grandparents brought them up.

I told Mwa not to come here.


I've done nothing to you.


I don't really feel like reading.

Why are you all dressed up?

The British commander ordered his men to rest for the night.


Those words are mere diplomatic niceties.


This is a terrible climate.


I paid five dollars for the book.

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Few people can realize their faults.

I enforce the rules even though I don't agree with them all.

Is your wife a good cook?

Ever since his graduation from university until his retirement, Lao Wang had continually worked as a teacher.

Let me do that.

You don't really care, do you?

I can place the palms of my hands on the floor without bending my knees.

She brewed a love potion.

Douglas is apparently an honest person.

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Amanda disappeared without leaving a trace.

You don't have enough faith in yourself.

I should've listened to him.

Piotr refused to listen to me.

I've been stupid.

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She's strong and sexy.

What are you doing in there?

You don't know anything, do you?

It is as absurd to say that a man can't love one woman all the time as it is to say that a violinist needs several violins to play the same piece of music.

I don't want to do anything to Harvey.

The debuts of groups of South Korean female singers are on the rise in Japan. Japanese singers can't afford to let their guards down.

Don't put so much pepper in the soup.

Myron, what were you looking at?

Dennis found the exercise mentally draining.

What did Christopher tell you about me?

My husband really likes to do exercise.

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It looks like no one's home.

That's not for him.

Jean-Pierre and Mott were here earlier, but now they've disappeared.

It's really unfortunate.

We didn't mean to leave Sjaak out of the plan.

Where is the Red Cross?

We've got other fish to fry.

Have you ever had a girlfriend, Kevin?

The apple does not fall far from the trunk.


Muriel is making a poor living from her part-time job.

There is no precedent for such a case.

Keep an eye on my suitcase while I buy my ticket.

She has reminded him many times to do his homework.

It'll be like a vacation.


Think stopped the video.

What's Jimmy supposed to say?

I'm very happy for them.


I am reading a letter.

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I have four children.

Great figures don't meet high standards, but rather make their own.

I'm hoping that Lui is with Jesper now.


The little boy is used to talking with grown-ups.

Buy me a drink.

I'm as old as you.

I was scratched by a cat.

How do you want to handle it?

You can't just come here and change everything!

After his accident, he is happy to be alive.


Nothing stays the same.

I used to read three or four books a week.

Sanand is near the newsstand.

I'll give you my opinion.

I persuaded Carisa to tell the truth.

Mr Smith proposed marriage to Jane.

I don't like that he comes to my house so often.