Please help me with this heavy baggage.

Where I can find the check-in counter for Tam please?

I'd love to go to the fair with you.

I could never do that to them.

The whole town has cable TV.

What's the big hurry?


He wants to develop the country's military more during the next few years.

Is that a bullet hole?

The train already left the station.


I have another problem as well.

Donations are voluntary.

Teriann hates guys like that.

He touched me on the cheek.

He knows about the modern history of France.

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Tao shed tears.

I'm giving them to him tomorrow.

I'll try to reach him.

I've decided not to go.

All these things cost money.

You're making her nervous.

We gathered all the books together and put them in the spare room.

I've always liked Alejandro.

Kyung and Kathryn wanted to be alone.


That's what makes this so difficult.

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How is everyone?

Hey, thanks for the help.

The boy told his mother about it first of all when he got home.

Hank didn't make it very far.

I doubt if you'll know anyone there.


When it comes to sports, John is very good.

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Call the cops.

You must obey your parents.

Such a person is seldom dull.

I'm used to staying up late.

I realize I may not be the most desirable man in the world, but I still hope you'll consider going out with me.

He was the leader of the great expedition.

Seen from the sky, the island was very beautiful.

I like this dog.

We expect an early settlement of the affair.

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I keep in touch with her.

They can speak both Berber and Arabic.

What happened to him in Boston?

He has been texting me.

I saw the match on television.

I feel it's something I can do.

We can continue playing, as long as we don't make too much noise.

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Everybody but me was in a little group of friends.

A jet airliner does not admit of careless handling.

Nothing could sway his conviction.


Dogs are white.

I won't tamper with it.

Is that really you?


I'm afraid I have neuralgia.

I don't see any reason for it.

That doesn't leave me much freedom of action.

What I want is to move on.

Elliot and his wife have three children.

She is a student from Canada, staying with my uncle.

The city in which they live has a large Spanish-speaking community.

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I never noticed before that you're taller than me.

I don't believe that at all.

I love spring.

I have something you want.

We'll protect Hohn.

He made spaghetti.

How often does Rick come home?

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Oceans are expected to rise by 50 centimeters by the end of the next century.

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I'm always really polite and courteous and positive. It's in my genes.


The leaves fell to the ground.

Alison fed the pigs.

I exchanged seats with her.

I'll stay until evening.

Let's just hope it works.

A favorite tool in dealing with blatant racism is blatant ableism.

She told my secret.

The system is working well.

"Are you still cold," she asked, as she kissed him on the forehead.


There's nothing to do.


Who the fuck is Nici?

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I think I have a theory about that.


I don't even like Vicki.

We look up to Naim as our leader.

I wish you'd stop calling me your boyfriend.

The air conditioner makes too much noise.

He is on his way and will arrive in due course.


They ate turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

You can't tell anyone this, OK?

We're doing everything Harry asked us to do.

I'm the one you talked to on the phone.

I am happy to help.

You are one of the most despicable people it has ever been my displeasure to meet.

This is pretty.

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They are all special.

I'm not hiding anything from you.

You're happy here, aren't you?

I am certain of your success.

He was absent from school today, as he often is.


My heart was in my boots when I thought of it.


Either Lila goes, or I go!

I think that you should go.

Ruth should be in his office.


There's nothing I can do to dissuade him.


Barbra was convicted of high range drink driving.

Try to get along with Harmon.

Dogs can't speak, but it appeared as if the eyes of the dog said, "No, I don't have a home."

Loukas sends his regards from the other side.

I'll turn on the lights.

Everyone knows about him.

Where's the love?

I don't care a damn what people think of me.

I told you everything I remember.

I've got a lot to make up for.

Subra said I needed to put on some sunscreen.

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Honesty sometimes doesn't pay.

I thought you wouldn't know the answer.

Moderate exercise is necessary to health.

Who do you think is the tennis GOAT?

Lida was from Colombia. I met her when I was in Madrid.

I have always considered you a good friend.

I don't have to listen to this.


I wonder what happened here last night.

Southern men, Northern women.

I'm happy for you both.


I'm not a fan of the choreography.

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We won the lottery.

Do you think this book is worth reading?

Don't do anything.

Felix says you know what happened to Lynne.

It is going to be cold tonight.

There is nothing wrong with you.

It is only the cat's fault.

Luke was always mean to Micheal.

I side with a weaker party.

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I am a dancer by trade and I teach jazz dance.

Today at noon we'll eat cherries from Italy.

Can you introduce me to someone who speaks French?


Jackye isn't Anton's brother. He's her cousin.

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Justin and I don't usually agree.

Let me talk.

Indeed this car is small, but it is powerful.

I came here to ask you a big favor.

We cried together.

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My frightening tale is based on facts.

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Eduardo looks as if he's angry.

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That was foolish of her.


He looked absorbed in reading the article.

There will allways be things we'll never understand.

In October, the leaves begin to fall.

Jenine explained the situation superbly.

I thought the time for the meeting had been changed.

Richard left on Monday.

I wouldn't mind helping her.


Please bring in the washing.

You're a right little rascal!

An apple fell to the ground.

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Eva is cleverer than I am.


The fog began to disappear around ten o'clock.

If two people have the same opinion, one of them is redundant.

I'm sorry things didn't work out between you and Nathaniel.

Patricio has come out of his coma.

Dory smiled and started to dance.