I can always go back to school.


A fierce battle took place at Monte Cassino.

He became a national hero.

You remember what it was like, don't you?


After I locked all the doors, I went to bed.

It's up to you if we go.

Never lose hope.

What's your impression of them?

He's in a state of shock.


Skeeter is usually working.

This is my brainchild.

Darryl has seen enough.

She advised him to stop taking that medicine, but he felt he needed to.

This new medicine may aid your recovery.

Make yourself comfortable.

What did Carlos have in his pocket?


There's only one way to find out how to do that. Ask Shakil.


You must be mentally exhausted.

Can you see my father?

Let's not jump the gun.

Maybe you don't like reading certain things.

They went to Paris by way of Calais.

French is too hard, I don't want to learn it.

We don't let people like you in here.

Why are you torturing me?

Can you pass me the milk?

Religious behaviour is much less regulated by the government here than in other places.

A man who smacks his wife around is contemptible.


Seeing me, the dog wagged its tail.


I like salmon. I eat it as often as I can.

He is not so foolish but he can tell that.

He attended the meeting as our company representative.

We were there last night.

I came as quick as I could.

He was beside himself with joy.

You have wisdom.

Let's not start drinking until Presley gets here.

I could've sworn I saw something.

There is an enormous cross above the Valley of the Fallen.

What do you mean by this?

Don't struggle.

Cyrus dug a hole in his front yard.


I would like to work with your company.

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Kay isn't my boyfriend.

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I want you to have a definite plan before you leave.

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Stu is more active.


Kamel accidentally bumped into Vladislav and apologized.


Read such books as will be useful in later life.

Of course, I can't tell them.

Jarl sat on the edge of the bed and told Elvis a story until he felt asleep.

The students grimaced at the teacher.

You're really good at French, aren't you?


How do you kids do it?

I still don't trust her.

They flew over woods and lakes, over sea and land; below them roared the wild wind; the wolves howled and the snow crackled; over them flew the black screaming crows, and above all shone the moon, clear and bright.

I wish I didn't have to tell you this, but ...

Come again tomorrow.


She succeeded to her father's whole estate.


I'll take a nap after lunch.

Such a strange thing is not likely to happen.

Tuan admired Mac.

For some reason the microphone wasn't working until now.

I wanted to do it.


I must live up to his expectations.

To tell the truth, you're all cowards.

I think it would be a good idea to go home early.

I'll remain in Rome for three days.

In a frenzy of despair...

Well, I bake bread.

He was doubtful at first but soon came to embrace my advice.


He asked me if he could see me again.


Wake up, sleepy-head!

Please stay with us.

Dan will never leave you alone.

I have a lot of friends living in Boston.

Her hair was unkempt.

Tell me what you saw.

I want nothing to do with it.


Work harder if you are to succeed.

They don't believe me.

It's long and hard.


His eyes are dim with age.

She pushed the chair away.

From the moment he saw her, the prince fell desperately in love with her, and all the evening he would dance with no one else but the beautiful stranger.

I heard someone shouting.

I thought Tarmi was going to hurt me.


I need to stay here tonight.

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What a small television set! Does it really work?

Many clients went to the able lawyer for advice.

He left the country after his grandfather's death.

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I don't have any regrets.

Why shouldn't we do that?

Roger died three weeks later.

Sedat's coat kept him warm.

I just got your email.

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Your opinion is very important to us.

If only I could speak French.

Mr. Iuchi doesn't have anyone that helps him.

Ramesh had no motive to kill Sanity.

I take the opportunity to thank her.


Their job is to call clients.

I'm in a hurry to get home.

They're ugly.

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She wouldn't let him in the room no matter what.


I've decided to let Nancy go to Hirofumi's party.

Nothing would persuade him.

She has a bad habit of chewing on her pencil.


Kee didn't say where he'd bought his new bass clarinet.

Are you willing to drive me to the station?

To be considered as a scale, the construct under consideration should be a continuum, with quantitative units.

You look quite run down.

The jet roared during takeoff.


I can give them a message.


That was really ugly.

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Moore was a school bus driver before he became a taxi driver.

Things can't be all that bad.

I blame myself.

This is all I can do.

This washing machine is very energy-efficient.

Fay is really a good guy.

Have you learned to drive a car?

I can't call anyone right now.

Newton was born in the same year that Galileo died.

The Queen and The King have again united their powers.

I was on my way to see them.


Demand the exclusion of the country from the U. N.

Emil looks somewhat irritated.

She changed her schedule to match his.

Why are the police questioning Raif?

Bush respects human rights.

Mother Teresa was a Catholic nun who lived and worked in Calcutta, India.

His behavior alienated his friends.


Harry ate a light lunch before working out.

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We have to try this.

I live in a rooming house.

Why would I kill your dog?

I can understand this problem to some extent.

Kelvin showed Morgan a photograph of his father.

He is sixty, if a day.

We're upset.

I may have hurt your feelings, but such was not my intention.

I like a day like a dream.

Farouk and I were really worried about you.

When a sentence is not owned by anyone, like this one, you can correct it yourself.


You will find this game very interesting.

How did it all begin?

The river flooded the whole region.

He will go to New York next month.

A well is a place where you can get water.


Though it is poor in natural resources, Japan has become an economic superpower thanks to international trade.

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Naoto is a foreigner.

All of us climbed aboard quickly.

Who likes them?

He doesn't read many books.

Is it easy for me to solve this problem?


They had to find the strongest candidate possible.


When he was just about to leave, an earthquake started.


I don't think that will give you enough time to get there.