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Imagine yourself as a billionaire.


She has a neighbor who arrived from Japan.

Your answer is far from perfect.

He loves his girlfriend so much that he sees her every day.

I figured everyone was happy.

I only met them three times.

Why don't atheists believe in God?

Many people are on vacation.


I wasn't expecting visitors.

These are gorgeous.

Let him live.


I've got to go back.

I tested it on both Firefox and Chrome.

We don't have enough money to go to Boston by airplane.

I am very worried about my future.

She works as an office lady.

It didn't last long.

We are fed up of always seeing the same people taking all the credit!

There was once a king who had three daughters. The two eldest were very proud and quarrelsome, but the youngest was as good as they were bad.

What're you guys looking for?

The door opens into the bedroom.

USSR stands for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Where can I buy snacks?

I like her. She's so beautiful!

I phone her every evening.

Hospitals are very expensive.


Spirits are to be found all over the world. This school was built upon the site of a shrine and thus there is a particular tendency for them to gather.

I can't just leave Horst.

He plays in the school band.


I'm also an amateur.

I didn't tell him the truth because I was afraid of hurting his feelings.

I ate three eggs and two pieces of toast for breakfast.


The cow is anything but bright.

Whether or not we play an encore depends on the audience.

You may be here as long as you keep quiet.

What just happened down there?

There will be so many things to do.

None of us did what Darren wanted us to do.

Halloween is just a few days away.

You could use my help, Phill.

Pat won't have any part of it.

He plays in the school band.

I'm not too encouraged by what I've seen.

I belong to the karate club.

She kept quiet.


He announced the next singer.

Malaclypse relied on Hazel.

I never called her back.


I need to move to a different country.


Evan defended himself.

I don't see how Sally would be involved.

I'd like to meet Ralph, too.


We should've kept that a secret.

I don't care what happens to me.

The bottom lip is bigger than the top lip.

They're about to start.

You fucked up my life.

Food shipments were blocked.

Ira was stuck in traffic.

Look, there's a rabbit!

I felt as if I were an uninvited guest.

It was a daring adventure, full of thrill and excitement.

Shut the door tight.

Estonia is called "Eesti" in Estonian.

I won't find a girlfriend.

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The light is off.

Stand still, put your hands up!

The boy plays the piano.

She worked long hours as a nursing assistant.

Maybe I should tell Kyu.

No one wanted to insult these men.

Is it raining?


It's better to have God on your side than to get up early.


They often invent stories.

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Father bought me a new bicycle.

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There must be a solution.

Venezuela is the country of my dreams.

I will have to take on someone to do Matti's work.

Do me a favor.

What a happy surprise!

It's not as bad as I thought it would be.

I had to lie to him.

What else have you got going on?

At the beginning, I couldn't understand him.

It goes without saying that at that time a kind of friendship beyond master and disciple grew between the two of them.

Almost everybody appreciates good food.

The new law will bring about important changes in the educational system.

Forget what I have just told you.


I think you should be careful.

Is this animal holy?

You're jealous, aren't you?

You could always hand off some of the work to the junior staff.

You must think I came down in the last shower to expect me to believe that.

Last year I listened to radio.

The boy more than justified the favourable opinion they had formed of him.

I think we can relax now.

Lorenzo had another glass of wine.

At school, we learn French.

How long will that be?


How dare he open my letters!

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What did Roberto say he lost?

She has got a book.

The kids are asleep.


My aunt was pleased with my success.

Nobody is allowed to leave the classroom until the bell rings.

I won't be ready for weeks.

Thanks to my classmates, who helped me during hard times!

Hume is the principal of a high school.

He is as clever as any of his classmates.

I steamed one.


I won't work for you.

Carol pretends not to care about money.

That hat looks good on Narendra.

Karl is waiting to see what will happen.

My suitcase isn't packed yet.

Painting is the art of protecting flat surfaces from the weather, and exposing them to the critic.

It began to rain toward evening.

Glynn didn't have to help, but he did.

Ralph told Thomas his age.

They were almost run over by a truck.

Here's the stuff you wanted.

Raja wasn't telling the truth.

Someone may have to go help Sekar.

We did that already.

Nancy went to London as well as Paris.

Patrick usually has a glass of wine before dinner to whet his appetite.

You're still wet behind the ears!

Have you eaten anything unusual recently?

Wealth does not always bring us happiness.

I know more than you do.

It's not practical.


Kelvin wrote right back to Philippe.

Provide starving people with food.

He came back last August.

Old is the one who painted this picture.

My son told me all about you.


I'm laughing at him.

My brother probably wrote this letter.

They don't trust him.


I just want to get over it.

My ears were ringing from being beaten.

I cannot help laughing to hear such a story.


This asteroid passed close to Earth.

I've got a partner.

Kaj relaxed on the couch.

Experience is when you discover something you don't want to discover.

This is a plan of my own devising.


Phenolphthalein is an indicator used in acid-base titrations.

I didn't want to scare Del.

Myrick showed me the letter.


That's disappointing.


I'm on my car-phone.

This check was not honored.

Almost all of Tyler's free time is spent on a golf course.

My sister has long legs and likes sports.

Are you asking me to marry you?

He promised not to be late again.

I just need some aspirin.

Don't you ever have any fun?

As a result of the car accident, the driver was severely injured, and the passanger died.

Easter will always be celebrated on a Sunday.

I hit three home runs last year.

I remember locking the door.

As the popping sound of the fireworks stopped, it suddenly became quiet around me. The smell of gunpowder somehow put me in a sentimental mood.

I'll cook.

This music makes me sick.

You shouldn't put off getting married.

This is too heavy a box for me to carry.

You sure have a lot of MP3 files!

The light was so bright that it hurt our eyes.


This is the story of my country.