Someone left their umbrella in the hall.

She is crazy.


I thought that I should succeed.

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My father has just come out of the bath.

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Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

This hotel can accommodate 100 guests.

Vera had to disassociate herself from her former best friends, who got into drugs.


The doctor told you to stay in bed until your fever goes down, didn't he?


What languages do you know how to speak?

He is certain to win the game.

Mehrdad has a low frustration tolerance.

I became less and less interested in mathematics.

The national debt has trebled in the last ten years.


Take it to the repair shop.

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For a delirious word there is no answer.

I'm concerned for my kids.

Could you show her around?

One cannot embrace the unembraceable.

What fruit juices do you have?

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We failed to persuade him.

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The heater has quit working.

I don't know how to read between the lines.

It went OK.

Does Angus ever tell you that he loves you?

I've never been so frightened in my whole life.

Fifty of the machines are running at the present time.

For how long have you been learning English?

Germany is a parliamentary democracy.

Rick uses his Playstation 3 as a Blu-ray player.

Looking at that graphic, one can tell extremely easily that we are following an exponential growth.

They know how to make an atomic bomb.

Murray said that Those never called.

Teriann and Moore are my best friends.

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I am massaging my foot.

Why don't you sit down and relax?

Do you really want to quit your job?

Don't make me pull the trigger.

I don't give a fig about my CV.

Axel isn't supposed to even talk to Brandon.

It's my guess they're in no danger.


It wasn't a crime.

Masanao was popular.

Research revealed that the same high truancy levels were to be found in every inner city district.


I don't know why my friend wants us to wait.

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It has a hole in it.

I'm proud of that.

I will have been to the States three times if I go there again.

I am only afraid of the living!

Are you fast enough?

The priest blessed the children.

Lewis propped his bicycle against the wall.

May I ask a few more questions about that point? It's a little obscure.

Jochen was caught cheating on an exam.

Asians eat rice.

I just like to know I'm right.

That's probably a mistake.

Thank you very much for your present.


If nobody's here, just leave a message.

It just doesn't count.

Are you suggesting I had something to do with this?

You just screwed up.

Let's park over there.


The bus leaves in about two minutes.


Let's go do what we have to do.

Would you mind repeating that?

It would be better to talk of something else.


Two years went by before I could find a good job.

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He calls me Pete.

She is an asset to the company.

Thanks for trying to help.

It seems to me we need to talk to Amarth.

I've been trying to figure out who Natraj might have given the money to.

Life in the country is not always tranquil.

Everybody, just go home.

Kinch has a bad heart.

She never saw her.


The itching appeared several hours after eating.

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The man is anything but honest.

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Yesterday, I put honey in my tea.


The matter of his successor is still under debate.

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Uri knew when Boyce said she was planning to get home.

Kyoto is visited by many people every year.

A man and a woman are people of different genders.

Tell me in your own words what happened.

March 3rd is a Girls' Day, the traditional Japanese festival held to wish girls both health and growth.

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It should never have happened.

When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.

Though he had been in the hospital, he kept up with other students.

A new bridge is being built over the river.

The question is whether he will agree with us.

The gentleman is a very famous pianist.

I've got it all figured out!

Due to the typhoon, the train schedule was disturbed and all the trains were jam-packed.

We had a great time last night.

It's a really good book.

The lecturer's voice is easily heard throughout the entire hall.

I'm physically exhausted.

She was so pretty that I was momentarily paralyzed by the sight of her.

At that time my house was already built.

Your children will be safe with Manavendra.


We have the opposite problem.

She must have seen me.

He lost his temper and began calling me names.

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Any improvement is good.


What do you suppose went wrong?

He is shy of strangers.

I can't imagine what things living on another planet are like.

He must be somewhere about.

It's not what you said. It's how you said it.

I'm sure this information can be conveyed in writing.

It worked for me.

Shall I go for the doctor?

I would like to see that.

I know you hate funerals.

Jess has no one to talk to.

My neck does hurt a little.

I wasn't waiting for you.

I think I am cold.

I need to get groceries.

A big party will be thrown to celebrate the happy event.

Nguyen lives a secluded life.


Gypsy did his best to ignore Sean.

The train was so crowded that I had to stand all the way.

We have to know right away.

Marla is talking to me.

Laurianne isn't as tall as I am.

Is the coach frustrated?

Being in a ship is being in a jail, with the chance of being drowned.

Your problem is similar to mine.

They sell good foods at that shop.

How are you going to help?

You're nice.

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Mine first boyfriend


You got Barton, didn't you?

It's OK with me if it's OK with you.

Wendi has decided to help us.

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Who should go first?

It has been exactly 90 days since the check was issued.

I think it's going to be very hot today.

His coworker pulled the rug out from under him.

You don't belong here.

Many would jump at the chance to live in New York.

A lot can happen in a month.

Don't behave as one of them, so.

We're very skeptical.

I worked hard till late last night, so I'll have to catch some z's after lunch if it's possible.

We're sorry for the inconvenience.


They explained it.

You're obviously upset about something.

Have you ever seen a spider spinning its web?


In certain parts of the world, English has a special role.


She mistook me for my sister.

Did you bring your family with you?

We control our own destiny.

Benson added his own name to the list of people who wanted to take part in the dance.

Todd said he didn't know anyone who could fly a helicopter.

I'm not giving up.

Who do you think told them?

Read it again, please.

Are you feeling sick?

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It's gotten worse.

Never have I seen such a smart child.

Srinivasan signed his name with the pen Claude had given him.

Tomorrow it's Christmas.

Margie can handle this.