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When do they play soccer?

My wife made me a delicious apple cake.

What does it mean to develop a sound architecture?


Good things are easily spoiled.

The soup in the pot tasted very salty.

I'll help you pack.

I need them.

People got to know me, and I had the same waitress all the time.

The scene brought out the mother in her.

Can anyone be happy without money?


I'll ask around and tell you if I find out anything.


During whose reign was that church built?

What sort of people hang out at a place like this?

I can't finish painting this house in one day.

Marla left some food for Dewey.

Piete and Ragnar have recently bought a house on Park Street.

It will cost about 2000 yen to repair it.

Jackie Chan is a star of Hong Kong cinema.


Did you actually see Anita?

I like the colour violet.

I have a different opinion.

I'd better get back home.

I still try to be careful.


Miek asked Wilson what time she wanted him to come over.

We don't know anything yet.

Heather began to experience remorse for his actions during the war.

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He claims that you stole them.

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Old books are for writers, new ones for readers.

Gilles was a medical student.

Teresa sided with Edmond.

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It's in a small room at the end of garden.


I don't want to eat lunch now.


I am looking forward to visiting Britain once again.


Johan refused to leave.


Be patient with us.

You're welcome to wait here.

Laika died when Sputnik 2 burned out in the atmosphere.

We're honest.

I like this song.

It's borderline.

We sang as we walked.

Dawn isn't handling it the right way.

It's hot out here.

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Why didn't you tell me you were allergic to peanuts?


You've got me.

Remember to post the letter.

Where do you write?

I'm against us forcing the child to go to cram school.

He has lived off his parents for ten years since he graduated from college.

Peace cannot exist without tolerance.

Eating healthfully can help prevent heart disease.


He worked hard only to fail.

Laura is picky.

We will buy bread.

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The problem isn't me.


Rudy wishes you'd reconsider.

Dewey, Spyros and John are sitting around the table.

Please don't force me to do this.


Dan didn't even apologize for that.

Why don't you just tell him?

I've known him since college.

Boyce has beautiful dark hair.

What's your favorite part of the chicken?

I'd like to hear a lot more about your trip.

You're confusing me with Jeanne.

She just called to make sure that you were safe.

Stuart teaches.


It is impossible for me to finish my term paper by tomorrow.

My mom taught me how to do it.

Has anybody spoken with him?

I'm tired of everything; I would like nothing more than to be in the Canary Islands.

I think I can't let this opportunity slip by.


Congratulations for your birthday, Muriel!

Miles took a long drink.

Hui always arrives on time.

Who cares what happens to them?

Saul is a very perceptive man.


When was the last time you smiled at your wife?

I think we should buy a new house.

This photo shows a man who owns a small food store.

He will leave here for good.

I shrunk my T-shirt. What should I do?

He had his secretary type letter.

"John Doe" is a nickname for an anonymous person.


I was too drunk.


You should get married in Boston.


Do you want to get together this weekend?

Joe suppressed a yawn.

At night, I put my bell pepper plants at the open window, so they can harden off a bit before I plant them outside, cause now they still have such thin stems.

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I spent a week in the hospital.

How much come we know each other?

When the lecturer turned round, he sneaked out of the classroom.

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When out at sea, to keep the fish that is caught from spoiling, it is immediately refrigerated.


I wonder if she'll accept a belated birthday present.

They are high school students.

The sacred ritual took place after being postponed twice.

That's not allowed!

Do you have a better plan?


The train is to arrive on time.

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Kirsten is the kind of guy lots of people just don't like.


Please say it one more time.

The teacher lost his job because he cruelly berated students who made mistakes.

Stanley is domineering.


I mowed Lindsey's lawn.


In the future, Firefox will upgrade plugins for you.

I can walk to school in half an hour.

Uzbekistan is called "O'zbekiston" in Uzbek.

Thanks! I'll see you soon!

Which countries have developed significantly during the past ten years?

You look tired. You ought to rest for an hour or two.

I think hairiness is a symbol of masculinity, so I really like it.

Did Deirdre tell you the name of his horse?

A thief steals for a long time, but eventually he will hang.

Would Radek really want to do that?

Though he is rich, he is not happy.

He needs an interpreter.

What are you trying to tell us?

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He was wounded in a burglary.

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My mother from Malaysia thinks that those three horses are so-so.

Don't do anything to provoke Giovanni.

Let's go bowling together sometime soon.

Johnathan tried to ignore the pain.

Legislators in the Diet are struggling to find a solution to the problem.

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Give me time.

Does anybody have a can opener?

It was a strange chance that we met there again.

Courtney will study French next year.

Look how the trees sway in that wind.

Have you sent Juan a Christmas card yet?

You were a no show.

I don't have to tell you what's at stake.

He's really interested in biology.

Let me help you with your suitcases.

I was bound to answer him.

Is your sister swimming in the river?

Clarissa is being kind of devious, isn't he?

There's not much tea left in the pot.

In Denmark, there aren't any yellow postboxes.

Did you find everything you want?

Each person's share of the expenses for the party is 4000 yen.

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I've never heard Siping say anything bad about Elizabeth.

I did my duty.

Do you speak the same language to your father that you speak to your mother?

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I like fruits such as oranges and apples.

We're almost out of time.

I've planned our route.

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Do you think it'll be possible for you come over and help us this weekend?

I only want to talk.

Dan is Linda's one true love.

Kamiya gave it to me before he died.

I'm not surprised you don't know the answer.


I'll try to do that.

Since she often played at the casino, she always needed money.

You own a yellow sports car, don't you?

Do you know any foreigners living in your country?

Raja and I, who are twins, used to amuse ourselves by exchanging identities and fooling everyone.

The drinks are on the house.

I taught Stephe three years ago.

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Where do you stay when you come to Boston?