Have you got a headache?

What a feast we had when we visited my aunt!

Spa is a spa town.

Most movies are written and directed by men.

Dimitry has a dancer's body.

Nancy asked me who I thought would be at the meeting.


I broke the wedding vows that I had sworn to Don Jose, my husband.

Put on your coat.

Don't get so nervous there is a plenty of time to answer all the questions.

The Hindus worship in temples.

Louise fell off the roof and broke three ribs.

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I can't translate this sentence.

Brett knows who broke the window.

She always turns a deaf ear to my advice.

With Windows OS systems 'administrator account' corresponds to 'root'.

Don't get too excited.

That's why I stayed behind.

Ping knew Cathryn was lying.

This place is really beautiful.

Cut it out.

Can I get anybody coffee?

We were thrilled.

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I'm friends with everybody.

Jacob used to work for a big firm in Boston.

If I were young, I would go abroad.

I don't think Irving wants to see you.

Marcos does look really tired.

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With a little more patience, you could succeed.

Is there anything you can't do?

You may well not remember, but I'll never forget it.

Students should not work if they are going to school.

Novorolsky picked us up at the airport.


A whale is no more a fish than a horse is.

Tracey pulled his hand away.

I'm amused.

Where's your boyfriend?

Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

The boy walked through the puddles.

I don't like bugs.


My dog won't bite you, unless you ask for it.

There was fear on his face.

Niall is the bravest person I know.


40 Euros for a scarf? Don't you have anything cheaper?

Nothing is wrong with you. It's not your fault.

I wasn't sure you'd come.


Uninstall method: Chuck the whole folder into the recycle bin.

St Nicholas was standing in the garden.

Eduardo stole my umbrella.

Annie bought scented garbage bags.

Leon is working hard.

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Marco's consumption of coffee doubled after he became captivated by the stunning beauty of the barista at the coffee shop near his office.

We found a poor little cat in the yard.

I hadn't seen my friend for over twenty years.

Next week I'll have the late shift.

Jurevis wasn't the one who did this.

It seems as though we have a mole in our midst.

I can't count the number of times I've heard Harold say that.


The Commerce Department reports retail sales rose seven-tenths of 1 percent last month mainly thanks to strong auto sales.

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I often sit on the porch and read in the afternoon.

I have nothing to do with this accident.

He himself was not the light.

I don't like sweet drinks.

Would Saiid be interested in going with us?

I'm the last person on your list, aren't I?

I am excited at the prospect of seeing her.

Tovah was kidnapped.

Let's adjourn to the dining room for dinner.

I saw Linley just this morning.

These garments are made from wool.

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We're both planning to be at your party.

Aren't you the boss?

That's confusing.

Milner and Jisheng won't go without me.

God is good all the time.

Joon tossed the letter away.

It's been more than a month.

Yuki! It's great to see you again!

Vincent and I were wondering if you'd like to join us.

Leora was like a big brother to me.

I should never have let you do that by yourself.

Danny might be able to help me.

Norm told me that I should get a little sleep.

It's the Fairmont bus.

And your transfer function, is it stable?

Is Teruyuki really going to tell Irwin?

I have a better idea.

A barking dog does not bite.

Boston is the place I want to be.


It is polite of her to write me back at once.


This doesn't feel right.

Have you figured out the cost?

I'm wearing a jacket with capacious pockets.

I became quite astonished by his sudden change of mood.

That will be possible.


Laurianne was advised by Dannie not to go there by himself.

Ritchey certainly isn't going to volunteer.

I thought I heard Jochen come in.

I've never seen Casey in such a state.

We were about to start, when it began to rain.

We'll talk to Shane then we'll decide.

What are those flowers called?

This is a good start.

Sundar considered the problem carefully.

The foreign woman does not have an Italian name.

I pretended to have an affair on purpose because I was angry with you and Beverly but in truth I only loved Sjaak.

Hunter stabbed Rodger repeatedly.

Can I start again?

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Romain was toying with you.

I know why.

It's unclear when Janet died.


She's not old enough to have a driver's license.

Peter is exactly like his father.

We need to talk face to face.

They haven't found Suzan.

Are you seriously thinking about buying that old car?


"Michael" is a man's name, but "Michelle" is a woman's name.

Nothing can happen to you.

Elliot is looking through the letters.

I have no idea what we are doing in our math class.

The sun is above me.

I'm looking for the Hilton Hotel.

Father doesn't eat dessert.

The government lifted price controls.

Its long neck resembles that of a horse.


Barry had planned to ask his boss for a raise, but he chickened out.

Harry left his family 200 million yen when he died.

Don't forget them.

He kept badgering her until she told him what he wanted to know.

She felt her heart beat quickly.

I won't forgive you if you do it again.

You hid your worries from your wives, didn't you?

There was a long interval before he replied.

Put that in writing.

I waver in my mind, a place just for me.

She was so pretty that I was momentarily paralyzed by the sight of her.

I think that this was not a wise decision.

We'll help him, but not now.

Memory is an essential function of our brain.

It is interesting to play basketball.


I feel so embarrassed.

Barrett doesn't sound so sure of himself.

But that your fear of me was greater than his life, now I bless you and your offspring, just so that they multiply like the stars in the heavens and just as grains of sand on the sea.

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It was just an accident that we met.

Paul didn't want to work in Boston.

Just by looking at your face, I know that you have good news.


I want shelter.


Ahmet has a huge crush on Rodent, but she's too shy to talk to him.

I just gave her one.

May I speak with you alone, Andreas?

He stood close to her and tried to protect her from the typhoon.

Your skill impresses me.

The plane didn't stop at New York.

Irving is a house painter.

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I have never been to Paris.


The rocket blew up a few seconds after launch.

The strong should take care of the weak.

Sumitro was a late bloomer.

Those would never do that to Carlos.

Looking at that graphic, one can tell extremely easily that we are following an exponential growth.

Why are you asking me these questions?

I just got a few interesting books on religion.

Do you like science-fiction movies?

The young child uses crayons to draw a picture.

The government will have to take drastic action to solve the problem.

I've got some matches right here.


She is incompetent.

I feel as if I were aboard a great ship.

Be assured, however, I shall tell you the whole truth.


Is it that serious?


This store's hamburgers taste better than that one's.

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I don't like your sense of humor.