This can't possibly be happening.

Kristen isn't fond of nicknames.

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Mats prefers whole-grain cereals.

Merton was right about that.

Carsten didn't believe me when I told him what Franklin had done.


Which son does his father love?

The air by the sea is pure and healthy.

Let's find another solution.

Circumstances are entirely favorable to us.

You have to stay in your seat.


Maria left Kathryn after she found out she was just his second choice.

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The king ordered that the prisoner should be set free.

Nothing is the greatest positive integer.

Gregg locked himself in his bedroom.


It is me who is paying.

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I hope things change.

Japan is a rich country.

I ski.

We must get off at the next stop.

Straka didn't want to come sailing with us.

I don't know the name of that temple.

We would often discuss our future.

It seems that he likes collecting stamps.

Per didn't even come close to passing today's exam.


Have you measured it?

My dream is soon realized.

I don't watch much basketball.

I'll take three of each sort.

Socorrito never hurt anyone.

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I've got to give him something.

He is master of this house.

I've got a terrific surprise for you.

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Wondering if she came, I looked out the window.

He finally talked his father into buying a new car.

This is of fundamental importance.

These prices are outrageous!

We learn about the structure of the heart in junior high school.

They sat around the table to play cards.

My life is easy.

You look younger than him.

Naresh has always been my staunchest ally at work.

Recurrent miscarriage is distinct from infertility, and is defined as two or more failed pregnancies.

Dan often borrowed money from his friends.

"His Majesty... I must go and see what happened! ...Your Majesty, what has happened?" "Link kissed me!" "Of course he kissed you, you're his hero!"

Since when do you care what's in style?

Tuna told me he had an old computer I could have.

How can you still be hungry?

He is beyond hope.

He is a qualified person who uses and manages software related tools for general users.

We'll never get inside.

He regards so-called compulsory education as useless.


I'm flabbergasted to hear that from you.

There can be no relief without pain.

I know how you feel about this.

She's really good looking.

Let's leave as soon as he arrives.

I saw you staring at them.

What beats me is how Carisa got Herman to drive her into Denver.

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Many politicians fail to keep their word.

What is the capital of the United States?

I just want to fit in.

You're just jealous that Hiroyuki was flirting with her.

Kamiya won't be coming tonight, but I'm not sure why yet.

Ernie lost his drone.

My mother objected to my going to the Middle East.

As for me, I'm a pretty simple person.

I've learnt nothing from the teacher.


He is going to take charge of a project concerning the future of the company.


I am in a stew.

I thought something horrible had happened.

Do you mind me leaving the lights on?

This girl has a pretty face. My heart melts from looking at it.

There was no response.


She would have liked to peep in, but could not do such a thing.

We must leave here at once.

So she does.


Don't make a promise which you cannot keep.


I will battle with illness.

I was, I am and I will be a tired being.

Which is the route to Paris?

The clock isn't working.

Sanjeev is a goon.

No one named Anthony Jackson has been reported missing.

I don't expect Randy to do that.

I've never actually been here before.

I was shocked when I heard Knut's explanation for his action.

I'm going to work.

Japan is becoming the most advanced country technologically.

There's no pleasing Stephan, he always grumbles about everything even when we've done our best.

Are you a criminal?

Betty had a splendid idea.

Am I not beautiful?

I went to the spa.

That seems wrong.

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Is using fingers uncivilized?

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How's your job?

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That's okay, take your time, I don't want to bother you at work.

I don't know for certain who he is.

Don't go anywhere without them.


We all have to be very careful.


I mistook a notebook for a textbook.

I have an interview today at 2:30.

Mr. Smith hasn't turned up yet though he promised to.

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Have you been poor?

You're all wrong.

And how about you?

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We'll continue this discussion later.

Football is communal in Brazil

Did I ever tell you where I met your mother?

We'll be friends forever.

I know Valeria can't wait.

Someone beat me to the draw!

Let's listen.

One police officer is dead.

I actually like it.


How far?

I did another test.

Duane is the tallest person I know.


It's bedtime.

If you eat it every day like this, then you become tired even of sashimi.

I hate it when my clothes smell like cigarettes.

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She kept him waiting for a long time.


Uri lost his drone.

I was the last one to start in the race, but I soon caught up with the others.

He was furious.

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Hwa, we're your friends. You can tell us.

Clarissa was the one who taught Briggs how to milk a cow.

Dalton has to do it now.

The sleeves of the sweater began to unravel.

Renu has probably figured out by now that Edward is John's girlfriend.


These horses are theirs.

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It'll cost $300 to fix it.

I was looking up musicals in Berlin and there are some interesting musicals to say the least.

Many of our pioneers are still alive... but, alas, many of them aren't alive any more.

Small print looks dim.

Will they go together?

Everybody paid.

At the very least you could get a restraining order.

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Tell her I'm on my way.

Pierre has been a gentleman.

Paracelsus pioneered the use of chemicals and minerals in medicine.

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Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all.


I think you should have it.

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Do you need an extra blanket?

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I have come to see you on business.


Dorothy is a really bad roommate.

No, not me. It's my younger brother.

Dan heard that Bret was sick.

How high is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building?

We tried to get Brandy to come.

I love the name Bella, it means pretty, right?

She is opening the window.

You'll need a special tool to do it.

I went to the mall with my friends.

Root has been gone almost a week.

We don't yet know what we're up against.


What do you really think of me?


My dream is to lead a quiet life in the country.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Oh, seriously?


Tony took off his shirt and cleaned the piano with it.